West students learn to balance school, work

Esperanza Garcia, Staff Writer

On average, working students around the country work four to five hours every other day, not including weekends. This is no exception for Greeley West students. 

Ahnevaeh Withro, a freshman at West, works at Cinemark Theaters. She works three days a week in five hour shifts.  Arely Avendano, on the other hand, is a senior at West who works at Village Inn. She works every other day. This includes five or six hours on the weekends.

Withro has to be at work by 4 p.m. and Avendano by 4:30 p.m.  Students have to be creative in how they can get homework done. Withro stated, “ I try to do it in class, that way I don’t have any homework. Whatever I don’t get done in class I will do it at lunch.”

In comparison, Avendano stated, “When I have spare time at work, I do whatever homework I can.”

While students try to balance work and school, their grades may vary. Withro tries to keep up with Cs. Whereas Avendano has an average of As and Bs. 

When asked if they believe if other students can balance school and work Avendano said, “I think if they can really push themselves, they can, but it is a little hard to handle.”

Withro said,” No, it’s like having double work. To me it’s like a second school.”

Their final words of advice for a student working and trying to balance school, Avendando responded by saying, “use your time wisely. Once you start working, that’s all you’ll have time for.”

Withro said,”You should wait until you are in a higher grade. A lot of your time will be taken from you so just worry about school and work.”