AVID retreat provided opportunity for senior leadership


Jayden Phipps

Greeley West AVID students sit on the bleachers on the football field listening to guest speaker Ivanna Rizo share stories about college and how AVID helped her get there.

Jayden Phipps, Staff Writer

Every year, the Greeley West AVID program holds their annual retreat for the whole AVID student population. The event was planned and executed by the senior AVID class and its goal is to communicate what AVID is all about and how it supports students. It allows students to see the goals and visions of the system and gives students from all grade levels the opportunity to collaborate together. 

Mr. Stephen Paulson and Ms. Jane Burke’s AVID classes spent three weeks brainstorming and planning different lessons and stations for the students to rotate through. 

I believe the most valuable part of the retreat is the opportunity for the seniors to plan, organize and lead the retreat. They become better leaders and get a different perspective of our school and program. It’s a big step in their maturation process as future college students,” stated Paulson. 

Three alumni guest speakers came to give advice to the younger AVID classes to help them get through the struggles of the class and talk about the common goal: college. Different breakout sessions were planned that taught lessons about finances, communication (group building), and letters of recommendation.

“The activity that I got the most out of personally was the financial literacy station,” said sophomore Aubrey Homan. “I learned a lot about how important applying for scholarships and grants are in order to pay tuition and afford college.”