Carne Asada meal will raise money for scholarship


Jayden Phipps, Staff Writer

At the end of every school year, the graduating AVID class awards a Legacy scholarship to two younger junior AVID students.  The money for the scholarship is fundraised by the senior class. In years past, the money was raised from selling breakfast burritos, having car washes, and even taking senior pictures for a price. 

This year, the senior class decided to embrace the Mexican culture of Greeley West and the Greeley community itself and have a Carne Asada cookout to raise money for the Legacy Scholarship. 

The fundraiser was put together by senior Georgina Magana, whose family is volunteering to help organize and cook the food for the meal. “Our initial plan for collecting the money was to make one big fundraiser so we could get all the funds we need in one go,” said Magana. “As seniors we have a lot of things to worry about and having one big fundraiser would take a big weight off our shoulders so we have more time to focus on applying to colleges and scholarships.”

Senior AVID teachers Mr. Stephen Paulson and Ms. Jane Burke also contributed to the organization of this event. Burke said, “ The scholarship is a special way to give two AVID students recognition.  They have made our AVID program special here at West.”

Burke also said that the scholarship (this will be its fourth year of being handed out) is another example of how AVID students are special.  “The reason why I love AVID is that our students are amazing people that have worked and conquered so much during their time at West,” Burke said.  “The students have inspired me to be a better person and teacher. They keep ME going and we want to give them help after they leave West.”

The AVID Legacy Scholarship fundraiser barbecue will be held Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 3080 W 29th St, Greeley.  All of the Greeley community is invited.