West students presented with chances to tour world


Esperanza Garcia

Ms. Susan Eastin and Daniela Adame Salomon discuss a future trip abroad in the library last week.

Esperanza Garcia , Staff Writer

All students at Greeley West have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world.   Some trips will happen this year while other students are just starting the process of saving money for future trips.

This year some students will get to go to Europe. They will be leaving in June of 2020 to Eastern Europe. They will travel to Europe by airplane; then once they get there they will get around by bus, and train. 

It will be an 11 day trip where they will be visiting Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria. 

No fundraisers were put into place to help the students pay for the trip.  Each student and their family have to figure out how to pay for it themselves. Over the span of eight months the students will have to come up with $525 per month. 

Each of the countries have different currencies. For example, Germany uses Euros, and Poland uses Zloty. So before they leave they will change out the money here in the States to the ones of the other countries. 

Since other countries do have other languages, traveling can make it hard without knowing the language of the country. Although many people in Europe speak English, they may have an accent. Therefore tourists may not understand what they are saying. Ms. Susan Eastin, West’s librarian who leads the Europe trip stated, “That’s the cool thing about going to a different county – the students have to learn how to communicate in foreign countries.”     

Eastin is one of the many teachers that are a part of the program here at West.  Eastin has been going on trips as a sponsor all over the world for 10 years now.

Aubrea Soria is a sophomore at West, and is one of the students that will be attending the trip to Eastern Europe. 

Going to another country might be a little scary according to Soria.   “I am kind of worried, but not as much as my grandmother is,” Soria said. 

However, Soria wanted to go to Eastern Europe to not only try something new, but her mother went there as well. 

This is just one of the trips that are going to happen. Coming in 2021, trips to places like China and the Mediterranean will be available.