West secretary hopes to make change with new share table


Kinsley Mahan

Food sits on the newly created Share Table in the commons area. The Share Table is a way for West students to avoid wasting food while helping others who may be hungry.

Kinsley Mahan, Staff Writer

Greeley West is helping reduce waste and feed those who are still hungry with the new share table. 

When office secretary Ms. Susie Matson came up with the idea of a share table, she had two goals in mind. She wanted to help eliminate some of the waste left over from lunches, as well as provide more food for those who might still be hungry. 

Matson remarked, “We have so much food every day that goes to waste.”

The share table has a key role in curtailing this waste, as all of the food that would usually just end up in the trash is now being offered to hungry students. 

The idea is that if anybody has food that they no longer want to eat, they can leave it at the share table in front of the office. Keep in mind, the food must still be whole and/or unwrapped. 

Matson hopes to see people use the table regularly.  She sees it as a unique opportunity for Spartans to help each other out.