Leave the masses behind, follow your own opinions

Evan DeMeyer, Editorialist

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Having your own opinion in a society full of easily influenced teens is very important. Most high schoolers are afraid to be themselves these days and care about their image and how they are perceived almost too much. Teens have an image and a goal set by the media and the society they live in that they feel they need to match.

This doesn’t only happen with teens, it happens with everyone at one point in time. Most people are affected through social media. One common theme that has been observed is with the brand new iPhone 11. Most people usually love the iPhone and what it has to offer, but due to memes and social media, people have been rejecting this new version from Apple. People have found due to social media that this new phone is ugly or as some even say, “looks like a stovetop.” Even long-time iPhone users have come to this conclusion.  It is and it is almost too daring to go against the popular opinion these days. 

The same thing happened with pineapple on pizza. Some people enjoy it and working at a pizza place, I’ve noticed we get about one to two Hawaiian pizza orders every day. However, the media says otherwise. They all say it is gross and people that haven’t even tried it have agreed because its the popular consensus leaving people who like it in the dust. 

These days it feels like opinions don’t even matter anymore because the media has shaped society in such a way that having your own opinion or being yourself is rare.  In this world, soon enough, you have to be yourself.  Now is a good time to start. No matter what others feel or think about you, be yourself and prepare for the future.