Lessons in adulthood – live from DMV

Ava Stephens, Editorialist

For many students and adults alike, going to the DMV to register and plate a new vehicle is one of the least looked forward to parts of adulthood. 

We are always being told that we need to grow up, that we need to be prepared for the real world. Well, when that entails having to fake call in sick so that I can go “be an adult” at 8 a.m. instead of showing up to my AP Calculus class, it’s a grave reminder of how forced students are to sacrifice their priorities to make others happy and to satisfy certain age milestones they’ve been told to meet.

With long queue lines and even worse attendants that you’re forced to talk to, the general experience of the DMV is negative. 

You spend an hour in line just to spend ten minutes doing the actual thing you came for: registering. This was about the most annoying part of my day; I would’ve rather been working on calculus instead (which—just a reminder— I had to skip attending to be able to spend my lovely morning in such a drab, dimly-lit place).

“Well, you could’ve just made an appointment and skipped the wait time. You could’ve went earlier.” 

Super advice, slow-moving, boring attendant.  

The thing is, I did go earlier – as soon as the DMV opened in fact. Yet, everyone else had the exact same idea so instead of being first, I was still one hundred and seventy eighth. I still spent an hour and a half waiting just to spend those short ten minutes actually registering my car.

“It’s a tough world, kid. That’s what being an adult is.”

Thank you, middle-aged misfit.  Thank you for the advice!