Start your engines: Car Caravan prepares to show off West’s school spirit to community

Evan DeMeyer, Staff Writer

There will be yelling and screaming.  There will assuredly be blue and gold.  And count on some creative themes, as nothing says West-Central rivalry like flat, strangled or smashed stuffed Wildcats.

The tradition of the Car Caravan continues at Greeley West this Friday.  Every year, West students, clubs and organizations prepare for the big football game by decorating their cars and heading to the stadium in one big parade. Students go all out with their cars even designing floats to tow behind them. 

Student Council, who organizes the event, is expecting another good turnout, even though applications have been slow coming in.  Even organizer, Mr. Stephen Paulson, has high hopes. “I’m hopefully optimistic. People have waited until the last minute to get applications but hopefully I’ll be surprised by how many people show up tomorrow night,” Paulson said. 

The students have been doing this tradition for the last 50 years and it has become a great event not only for Greeley West, but the community as well.  “It’s been around for 50 years and the school’s history is bigger than one person. We have to keep those things going to honor the history of a school. You need to keep a tradition alive even if you don’t understand it because the community depends on it,” Paulson explained.

There’s still time to be a part of the activity.  All you need is a car, a little bit of cray paper, and a loud voice.  Get your applications from Paulson tomorrow.