El Fuego food truck makes fiery comeback during lunch

Kathyrn Broderius, Staff Writer

District 6 Nutrition Services’ food truck, El Fuego, is coming back to West tomorrow and every Friday to provide alternative options for lunch.

The food truck was started four years ago, in order to provide nutritional options for students and staff around the district. High schools in Greeley allow students to go off campus for lunch. This can lead to some unhealthy eating habits which the food truck services look to prevent.

Executive chef for the district, Mr. Matt Poling stated, “Our goal is to offer delicious food that’s also healthy and nutritious, so the food truck was designed to serve students that normally would leave campus.”

El Fuego even has special features such as its own hot sauce. The names where cross-branded, in order to work together. The hot sauce can be used on any of the menu items.

Although this will be the first time in nearly a year that the food truck has made an appearance at West, the option has been well received in the past. “West was by far our best customer! It just seemed like West was there to support us no matter what,” Poling said.

Unfortunately, running any side entity does not come without a cost, which is the reason El Fuego took a hiatus from going around to local schools last year. Poling explained, “Several of us in the Nutrition Services department spent many months planning the menu, purchasing the truck, getting it wrapped, licensing the truck and marketing it to the schools before we actually started serving food. After a few years, we determined that we weren’t getting the sales we needed to keep the truck serving at schools, so we stopped service last year.”

However, the food truck has not sat completely idle. It is still used as a mobile site to serve free summer lunch for students from all across the district. The truck also hopes to serve more middle and high schools in the future.

Due to how well it has done in the past, along with demands and requests from West students and staff specifically, nutrition service is willing to give it another shot.

This Friday the food truck will be parked in the South parking lot, where students can get the chance to mix up their traditional lunch plans and try a variety of street tacos at a reasonable price. The food truck manager is even welcome to new menu requests.

The option to get Friday lunch from El Fuego will be available as long as West’s staff and students continue on the tradition of supporting it.