West-Central rivalry extends to faculty members with Greeley ties

Esperanza Garcia, Staff Writer

The Greeley West-Greeley Central rivalry has been going on so long that students who once walked the halls, dressed in spirit wear, shouted at assemblies, and decorated Car Caravan floats are now teaching at Greeley West. Some of them include Mr. Brandon Torrez and Ms. Dawn Feinberg.  There are also some teachers at West that were spent time at Central, like Ms. Edith Reynolds, who taught there, and Taylor Plantt who is an alumni.   

Not a lot has changed since those old days.  Feinberg and Torrez both looked back on the traditions that still fill up the week fondly.  Feinberg said, “A lot of things are the same. We had a spirit week. There was a car caravan and the pep rally.”

Mr. Torrez agreed, even though some of the theme days are different now.  “There were similar spirit days like neon day or 50’s day,” Torrez said.  

Whether or not the football game deserves the attention is a matter to be debated between the two West grads.  Feinberg thinks the rivalry is alive and well.  “I think it’s a good thing. It pushes each party to be better,” Feinberg said.

Torrez disagreed.  “There is not really a rivalry anymore. Central’s football team is not good. When I went to school here, at least West won one time and then Central next time,” Torrez said.  “There are other rivalries between us in other sports like basketball.” 

Feinberg and Torrez both participated in their school spirit weeks. Feinberg was the car caravan driver while Torrez was a part of the football team and participated as much as he could. 

The Central experience has been more muted than West’s.  “They would talk about the history of the school, and how they were there before West,” Plantt said.  “There was just a spirit week and an assembly as far as I can remember.”

Reynolds has a different perspective as a teacher in both buildings.  “If you have not been to both schools, it’s a more serious rivalry. But if you have it’s a more friendly one,” Reynolds said.