West-Central MVPs work hard to achieve goals as seniors

Jorge Vazquez, Staff Writer

Being an MVP in a rivalry games means a lot for athletes. At Greeley West, two Seniors, Rodrigo Perez and Hugo Castillo, earned this award at the Central-West game. 

Both  Perez (running back and cornerback) and Castillo (linebacker) have worked very hard these four years of their high school football career. “Freshmen year was the first time I heard about this award and as a freshmen, I set a goal to eventually win it before I graduated, Castillo said. “There’s names on the plaque from 1960 and being one of the players to get it is amazing.” 

Earning this award takes hard work and dedication to your sport. “ I viewed the award freshmen year as an accomplishment I needed to do before football was all over for me and what I thought when first seen someone get it is that I wanted to know the feeling and know that all hard work paid off, ” Perez said.

Perez and Castillo are also trying to reach for all-state awards, another goal set. I set goals out each season so I can be apart of something big,” Castillo said.

Both players see this as a huge accomplishment. Both worked hard and put years into this. Castillo and Perez will be recognized and remembered in the future.