Spirit Stick will now honor student section at sporting events, not at assemblies

Jorge Vazquez, Staff Writer

The Spirit Stick isn’t going away.  But a change of venue has become necessary as tensions between classes have arisen during school-wide assemblies.

The change became necessary when classes of students moved toward the gym floor during their chants.  West is so full, the classes started to blend together, which caused tension.  Teachers  tried to keep groups separate for judging and general safety, but there were a lot more students. 

A second reason is that Student Council is trying to make assemblies positive, school-bonding activities.  Negative cheers aren’t helping that cause.  “We’re trying to make sure students don’t boo each other as much,” STUCO president Grace Chahal said.  

The spirit stick will be mentioned at the football games and class participation will be rewarded back at assemblies.  Students keep the class cheers at home until the actual assembly. This is principal Mr. Jeff Cranson’s idea. “It’s super cool that all the students have so much school spirit and we want everyone to be super hyped but we also want everyone safe,” Cranson said.

CHSAA is also continuing the sportsmanship contest in all Colorado High schools and Greeley West wants to make a video for this event. The contest is called “Back My School.” This competition is for all the student sections for the entire school year. There will be one winner mentioned at the end of the fall season. It’s important that student sections respect their opponent while cheering for their teams.    

“I was really happy to see how many people went all out (for West-Central).  We tried to choose days everyone would like, but we want to see even more people participate in the Homecoming Spirit Week!” Chahal excitedly said.