West bids ‘auf wiedersehen’ to German exchange students


Esperanza Garcia

Luka Varga, Simon Schrimpf, and Emily Karacher take time from their busy schedule around West to pose for a picture.

Esperanza Garcia, Staff Writer

On October 2, 2019, 21 German students walked the halls of Greeley West for the first time.  They will be walking the halls one final time this week before returning to Germany.  

It seems the trip has been successful for the German students and that they are taking away valuable knowledge from the trip to Greeley.

Germany is very different than America.  Two of the visiting Germans, Luka Varga and Simon Schrimpf. liked the people of America,m who they found to be very friendly. Varga said, “People say things like please or thank you.”

For German student Emily Karacher, the trip has been about the experiences more than the people.  She said the trips they have taken during the day have been enlightening.   

As for schooling, West is almost the exact opposite of their school back in Germany. Karacer said, “America’s schooling is a lot less strict.”

The German students also believe that the teachers at West are way nicer. Varga said, “We are not allowed to use our phones in class during lessons.”

One of things Germans are most shocked about at West are the high school sports.  In Germany, there are none. “You have to do them on your own time,” Schrimpf said. There is also a membership that you have to pay for if you want to play. 

Aryssa Aragon and Yamel Rey are two of the students who volunteered as a host family for the German students. Both agreed that having kids from Germany live with them is not a big change. Rey stated,” It’s like having a sibling or family member living with you.”

As the German students learn things about West and American culture, Aragon and Rey got to learn some things about how Germany is so different. Something that Aragon learned was that in Germany they use military time. As for Rey she said, “America is very different, (although not internet wise). Like the food, how we live and get around. They both found out that Americans eat a lot of food. I think I scared her with how much I ate.”

Varga, Schrimpf, and Karacer all really enjoy their host families. Each had something very nice to say. Varga said, “They make really good food.”