How old is too old to Trick-or-Treat?

Evan DeMeyer, Staff Writer

One of the oldest traditions on Halloween night is Trick-or-Treating, going door-to-door all dressed up and receiving candy. A common question asked in October seems to be how old is too old? Every year there seems to be some kids that just seem to be too old. While parents rage on about the teenagers that egg houses and throw toilet paper at others, maybe students don’t feel the same. Greeley West students were asked about their feelings on this subject. 

Senior Ben Beckett felt very passionate about this specific subject. “I think 19 is a good age to stop. If you go past 19 you seem creepy and just too old to be doing a tradition mostly based around kids,” Beckett said. 

Beckett enjoyed Trick-or-Treating as a kid and wishes he wasn’t so old. “I wish I didn’t look like an adult with a bunch of kids because now nobody will give me candy,” Beckett said.

Beckett has had a hard time adjusting to his age, especially now that he won’t be Trick-or-Treating. 

Other students seem to have a different idea as to what age is the limit for this time-old tradition. Junior Suraya Aragon says differently compared to Beckett. “21 is the age that I would say is too old,” Aragon said. “I see 21 as when you are an adult so 22 should really be the limit for Trick-or-Treating.”

Aragon has younger siblings that enjoy going and she gets into the spirit a little bit herself.

The common theme across the board is that once you become an adult you can’t Trick-or-Treat anymore. Although some see it that way and some don’t Halloween can still be enjoyed by anyone of all ages. This could be through parties, work events, school events, and family gatherings. Whether Trick-or-Treating is for you or not, enjoy Halloween in a safe and fun way.