West students subjected to vision, hearing screening

Jorge Vazquez, Staff Writer

The five senses are important to any good student, but good vision and hearing may be the most important elements of a healthy ability to learn.  That’s why public schools across the country, including Greeley West today, spend time testing students for their vision and hearing quality.  

Ms. Peggy Corliss, Greeley West’s registered nurse, ran the screenings in the library that impacted classes throughout the day.  “The state requires vision and hearing tests for students,” Corliss explained. We do one main screen in the fall, and the reason we do it is because if they can’t see or hear, it  prevents them from learning.” 

Freshmen students were pulled out of class in the morning by their last name.  Throughout the remainder of the day, upperclassmen were also tested.   

If the student doesn’t pass the screening, their parents receive a vision or hearing referral letter with information about their results and are encouraged to see a doctor. “If we don’t hear back, we send a second letter,” Corliss said.  “if we don’t hear from them again we make a phone call.” 

After the 3rd time, its concluded as a parent refusal and the student will be tested in subsequent years.  If a student needs glasses and doesn’t have the resources for them, there are several options to get them help. The District helps support families in that situation economically.  

Past students who were identified as needing support were called again this year to test the vision and hearing to make sure it did not get worse.