DECA students collaborate for state opportunity


Photo Courtesy of Megan Starkey

DECA students look spiffy posing with their medals after qualifying for the state competition

Ava Stephens, Staff Writer

DECA, Greeley West’s marketing and entrepreneurship club, recently finished their regional competition. 

Many students in Greeley West participated, with two teams and three individuals moving onto the state competition, hosted in Colorado Springs next February.

DECA members had to complete a 100 question online test about entrepreneurship and future career options, the focus point of DECA. After completing the test, members then traveled to UNC to have a joint role-playing opportunity in a formal workplace environment. 

Seniors Megan Starkey and Ryan Wethington made it as a team competing in in entrepreneurship, along with seniors Karla Ibarra and Maliya Suntych, who competed in Law and Ethics . The individuals who are going to state is Dakota Kessinger-Soto, Wyatt Sands, and Yudith Prieto. 

For Starkey and Wethington, there seems to be some discussion as to who did what. 

“Ryan did nothing to contribute to state,” Starkey complained.

“Actually, I did everything. Megan just sat there and did nothing,” Wethington quipped back. 

“We had to take the role of entrepreneurs and collaborate to create and present a well constructed presentation. The fancy term is Entrepreneurship Team Deduction Making but that’s a mouthful and nobody in DECA understands either,” Wethington explained. 

Wethington was wearing a very interesting marble-appearing tie the day of the competition, explaining, “It’s Jerry Garcia. The tie brand. He just makes cool ties.”