Holiday Gala brings joy, happiness to audience



The Greeley West arts programs showed off their skills during their Winter Gala this December.

Nathaniel Rudolph, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, December 10, the Greeley West arts department put on a spectacular winter performance that got everyone in the crowd ready for the holiday season, with upbeat tunes, beautiful art pieces and Christmas classics. Every child and adult was in the Christmas spirit, but a lot goes into these  erformance most people don’t know about.

Months leading up to the performance, students prepare their performances and teachers work tirelessly to make sure it is on schedule and viewer worthy. Directors fine-tune songs and routines, to make it work like clockwork at the time of the performance. Teachers spend several hours of their personal time
preparing certain aspects, so the audience can enjoy a pleasant performance.

Students with homework and after school activities practice time-after-time, to make sure they aren’t the weakest link in the group, because many performing groups can relate to the saying, “we are only as good as our worst player/ performer.”

“A concert can be stressful. First I have to pick the music based on the skill levels of the band and then fine tune the music until the time of the concert,” said band director Mr. Arthur

Junior Rosemary Mena said, “as a band performer, I try not to wear myself out before a concert and  practice the stuff in my music that I don’t understand or can’t play.”

During the performance many groups performed, the Jazz Ensemble, Combined Concert Band, Orchestra, Choir, (mens, womens and mixed), and dance/theater. Every performance was a work of art that wowed the crowd, they played swing full Christmas classics, such as “Swing the Songs of Christmas”, beautiful pieces in our favorite Christmas movies like the song “Believe,” from the movie “The Polar Express,” and other performances that were nothing less than amazing.

The concert was a sensation for the audience and students. It was a great way to end the year.