It’s time to limit gun use in America

Nathaniel Rudolph, Editorialist

War and conflicts have broken out across time, they have crushed societies and tore down
economies. People have died and used up their lives for the propaganda of dictators in WWll and
the pride of their country. War has brought upon us new technology that was designed to protect
our soldiers and take down enemy forces. Guns such as AR-15 or any assault weapon have bled
into the hands of the American people causing terror and chaos, and now have brought the fight
from our enemies to our own people.

Guns might be used for hunting or other tasks, but the first gun that was made, it was based on
the idea of war and death, not getting your next meal from the wild. 36,000 people a year, or a
hundred a day die from these tools of death. Millions of people died from them in WWll, WWl
and many other wars. If we didn’t have these weapons, just think of all the lives we could’ve
saved and the peace the world would have. We could get along and not be so hostile towards
each other, or greedy of what other people have. We could work together to solve problems and
help each other rise up from mistakes or tragedies.

Before 9/11 there was not mass conflicts in our country in the magnitude that we have today, and
innocent people dying wasn’t the everyday norm. Generations before us could live in a peaceful
and safe country where they didn’t have to worry whether someone would hurt or kill them.
Today, the people of America are constantly worrying, “am I next” or “will I die today,” and
some just put it off and never worry. Kids and parents never know if a school shooter will choose
their school as their next targets, and yet it still happens constantly throughout America and no
one has done anything major to stop this tragedy.

In only 46 weeks this year there has been over 45 school shooting across America and half have
been in kindergarten facilities. 400 to 600 kids have been shot by gun wielding Americans this
year with no real motives. If these people have no real motive for killing innocent kids that have
their whole life ahead of them then why are we letting people have possession of these dangerous
man-made killing machines.

I understand if the citizens of America need to protect themselves from danger, but we don’t
need to resort to violence. I always hear people say, “What if we get invaded by another
country.” If we spend billions of dollars on military, then wouldn’t we be prepared to take on an
attack, shouldn’t we be able to defend our own people? If a country finds a way to invade us, then the Government should be the one to arm us, we shouldn’t need to arm ourselves
endangering our own citizens and children.

I’m not saying we should take away everyone’s guns because I respect the constitution
and people have that right, but we need to enforce strict laws and extensive background tests to
ensure the safety of our citizens. Because of the fact that people die every day from a power that
we can control, and stop is disappointing. If we let people wield these guns that were designed
for the military then I guess we should just let citizens use tanks and RPG’s while we’re at it.

We can’t let our Nation turn in to a war zone; we can’t let school shooters and criminals use America
as their playground for violence. I want every person to see the dangers of guns and how it is
affecting our nation, not how it will benefit you in your hunting season, see the dangers not the
benefits and open your mind. If we don’t act fast, then it will only get worse from here. If we
don’t want our nation to become chaotic and dangerous, then stand up for your nation, your kids,
your loved ones, and most importantly the right to feel safe and protected. Because honestly, I
want to stop asking myself… “am I next?”