May the khakis and nerd shirts be with you


Ava Stephens

Science teacher Taylor Plantt helps a student during class this week. Plantt and his fellow science teachers have a distinct style.

Ava Stephens, Staff Writer

We have all seen the Science department’s… “fashion choices.”

They seem to have an attire of their own, completely different from the rest of the staff at West. While other teachers are seen donning professional outfits consisting of ties and slacks, the science department has a lot more fun with their attire.

Some are on the more reasonable side: an oddly bright plaid button up with khakis and the weirdest socks that can be found. Of course, there’s a t-shirt underneath that can’t be described – they’re always the shirts left in the back of their closet.

For others, their chosen attire consists of a nerdy t-shirt that has either a Star Wars quote or a science pun covering the front with the rest of the basics: khakis and mismatching socks with tennis shoes.

For Mr. Taylor Plantt, he swears that his style is “refined” and “better than at least one other person in the building.” 

“I shouldn’t be the one who’s judged. I have the least worst style in the department. I always dress better than someone else and that’s good enough,” Plantt stated.

Once you look closer, you notice that Plantt has badly sewn holes in his shirt.

“I sewed them up, but I didn’t notice this one. This is my favorite shirt, so now I’m sad,” Plantt continues. 

When told about the holey situation, colleague Ms. Cyndi Stump laughs. 

“He [Plantt] still wears it? That’s not surprising coming from him,” Stump said.

Yet, many students have seen and wondered about how every plaid shirt somehow hasn’t been worn before. There seems to be an endless amount of plaid shirts in the closets of the science department.

Senior Erick Flores described the attire as simply “interesting.”

“It’s like, every day, there’s something different. T-shirts and tan pants is all I see. I mean, it’s not bad, just different from what you would expect from a teacher, which is kind of fun if you think about it. It makes them more approachable since they look like students,” Flores laughed.