West senior hears calling to join Marines

Jorge Vazquez, Staff Writer

As a senior in high school, you might not know your plans as soon as you walk across the stage and get that diploma. Where do you go from here for the next chapter of your life? 

Mark Laue, a senior at Greeley West, has plans to serve his country after high school.  Laue has already enlisted with the Marine Corps. Laue picked the Marines for many reasons, but most importantly, he was craving their rules.   “It will give me discipline and determination for later in life,” Laue said.

Laue will serve four years with the Marines and does not know where he will be deployed during those four years.  Afterwards, he doesn’t quite know what the future holds for him yet.

Laue will be leaving for boot camp in June and is currently physically preparing for the experience.  Boot camp will last 13 weeks and will occur in June and will happen in San Diego. “ I leave in June and, as of right now, I’m hitting the gym, running and getting prepared.” 

 Laue thinks the military is a good decision for him, but would not expect his own children to make that decision based on his goals.  “If I had kids, I’d want them to do what they want,” Laue speculated. “If they were to join the Military that would be nice to see.”

 Laue said he had always wanted to be part of the military, even as a kid.  Before Laue leaves, he has plans to accomplish. “I have to memorize the Marine Corps rank structure and general orders, which I’ve been (working on) for a while,” Laue said.