IB students celebrate milestones through long-standing tradition



The Greeley West IB students pose for a photo at the pinning ceremony on Thursday night.

Kathryn Broderius, Staff Writer

West juniors and seniors celebrated new steps towards successful completion of the International Baccalaureate program on Thursday evening.

The pinning ceremony has been a tradition for IB programs all over the country and as well as the length of the program at West. However, it was the first time that an official event was held to share the pinning with the community.  “The pinning ceremony used to take place at the IB retreat. but I feel that it is something worth celebrating. I also added a pin for the completion of the extended essay because it is a big thing to accomplish,” IB coordinator Ms. Marie Beach explained.

For juniors, the ceremony means they have made the commitment to the program for the next two years, until graduation. The commitment comes with rigorous classes, long papers and a variety tests, but in the end students that succeed will hopefully be able to get into prestigious schools, earn large scholarships and start their college career as a sophomore in their second year.

Junior Ivette Jacquez stated that, “I’m so incredibly gracious and excited to continue my endeavor in IB. I cannot wait to share my ideas with my peers and expand the minds of everyone around me through my extended essay. I am also looking forward to the benefits that come with my future diploma.”

While juniors are at the start of the process, seniors have another reason to celebrate. As of December, they have completed their additional eighth hour class, Theory of Knowledge, as well as their 4,000-word, extended essay. With college right around the corner, the last things on their list are the few final subject tests before hopefully receiving their diploma.

“It’s relieving to know that I’m almost through the hardest part of the IB program and I feel like I’m finally getting closer to graduation,” said senior Maliya Suntych.

Juniors were awarded pins by their personally selected seniors and seniors were pinned for completion of their essay by their adviser who helped them out with the writing process.

After the ceremony concluded, the West catering class provided desserts for the students to celebrate with their family and teachers. The sweet treats and ceremony were only a small recognition for all the hard work yet overall their hardest work will be rewarded through a successful future.