Better than Netflix: Students share love of Disney Plus

Jorge Vazquez, Staff Writer

Greeley West principal Mr. Jeff Cranson has been on the announcement this week talking about the free WiFi slowing down school activities.  Part of that my be a result of West students’ love of Disney Plus.

Disney Plus has come as a relief for kids who grew up during the early 2000s as it’s full of content that teenagers grew up with.  Movies that remind students of their childhood like The Lion King and Aladdin can still be enjoyed by students above the age of 15 on their cell phones. 

Disney Plus launched November 12th, 2019 and is picking up popularity as kids talk about it throughout the school.   

Senior Carlos Herrera is one person who enjoys watching this daily.  He enjoys The Simpsons, and anything related to Marvel. Herrera doesn’t typically watch Disney Plus at school, but in his free time or after work. His siblings enjoy the show too. “ Disney Plus has the shows that you enjoyed when you were young and it’s affordable as well,” Herrera said. 

Another senior, Joseph Ramirez, is also a Disney plus geek.  He enjoys watching The Sandlot and his favorite show is Good Luck Charlie. Ramirez watches it every once in while – even at school.   He recommends the newer viewers who are interested. 

Senior Elijah Wood watches Disney Plus everyday. His family isn’t very into this, but they do enjoy Big Hero 6. “It has all of my favorite movies in one spot,” Wood said.

Greeley West, like the country at large, seems to be really enjoying Disney Plus.