District committee sets new goals for education innovation


Photo Courtesy of Theresa Myers

Students from around Greeley present to a room setting goals for District 6 in the next ten years. Sophomore Emma Rodas, junior Anuj Panta, and senior Grace Chahal took part in the group.

Nathaniel Rudolph, Staff Writer

Education is an important factor for kids all over the nation, giving them an opportunity for a successful life. During the past century, the school system has strayed far from the modern world, but students and local citizens are planning to change education in the District 6 school system.

In 2010, District 6 superintendent Dr. Deidre Pilch set in place the 2020 District 6 Innovation, setting a plan for the future of education in the district. Now 2020 has come and it is time to update and improve the plan. On February 12, over 200 students, business owners, and community members came together to discuss what the hopes and dreams were for District 6. Three students from Greeley West were able to share and impact the decision making of the new vision, giving a first-person perspective on the issues of our current education system.

West junior Anuj Panta was one of the three speaking out for the students of the district. He shared one idea that not only could be implemented in District 6 but the whole nation. “I want there to be new programs implemented into the school district that address the issue of mental health, and I would love this idea to spread across the nation so we can lower our suicide rates and other issues,” said Panta.

The idea of mental health was a truly important topic that the meeting discussed. Panta’s group members backed this idea completely, as they stood for the voice of the students. “We as a group all decided that the needs of the students were very important, but most of all their mental health,” said senior Grace Chahal, another member of the committee.

Chahal also shared a topic that was important to her. “I stand big on diversity,” Chahal said. “I feel like besides addressing simple stuff like parking and classrooms, we need to help each teacher have a background in diversity so they can create comfortable and healthy relationships with minority students.”  

Chahal is speaking from experience, as she attends a school that values its diversity.  In fact, over 30 ethnic groups make up the population of  Greeley West. Chahal said, “At West the diversity is broad, and our teachers have no problem connecting with other ethnicities. However schools such as Frontier, and University have less diversity, making them less equipped for the real world.”

 The district staff will take these hopes and dreams for the future and blend them in with what is already working. “There were so many hopes from so many people,” Assistant Principal Mr. Aaron Allen said. “Everyone came together to show their true ideas to the administration.”

With all these people included in the meeting, there were different minds and ideas, but District 6 Chief Communications Officer Ms. Theresa Myers knew there was a link between people. “Throughout the meeting, so many ideas were being shared,” Myers stated.  “But I started to realize that many of these ideas became a constant between people, making me think that the participants were starting to connect with one another.

Over the next 10 years, there will be improvements made upon the original structure of the district, adding new programs and updating the old ones. With this new vision, the district hopes to make everyone have the best learning experience they can throughout the beginning of their lives. Myers said, “School is such an important aspect in every kid’s lives, preparing them for the life ahead of them. That’s why we strive to make every kid feel successful and included.”