West students find support through Migrant Student Advocates.

Yonas Kahase, Staff Writer

There are about 250 Greeley West High School student who do not speak English fluently.  Many of these students are refugees and the students have been getting help learning the language in their classes.

Most of the time, it is impossible to learn the language just in the classroom, so to learn English perfectly, students get help from teachers at different times.  This means teachers are helping students during their off blocks and during their their free time late after school.

In addition to the support from teachers and the classroom, West language learners appreciate the help they get from other students who speak English.  These students are kind and work to help refugee and non-English speakers.

Finally, language students are getting assistance from the Migrant Student Advocates.  Ms. Annette Quintana oversees the program and is a busy lady. Quintana described her job as being, “a counselor without the training.”  She spends her time at West meeting with students regularly.  During theses meetings, Quintana helps refugee students check their grades, do their homework, and make phone calls home to parents.

“We try to create a plan for how we can improve all of their grades,” Quintana said.

The Migrant Student Advocates also provide an opportunity at summer camps for students to attend.  It is kind of like summer school, but by choice.  Students who participate in the local camps have a chance to go to Washington D.C., and do a national camp.

“The interaction between the students and me learning about their culture, learning about their story, is what I love about my job,” Quintana said.  “I love helping them have the tools so that they can do it on their own after school.  I don’t want to hold their hands for too long.”

Quintana also help with supplies for school or with other things  like caps and gowns for graduation. You can find information about the Migrant Student Advocates in the back of room 604.