West girls basketball team celebrated National Retro Day early

Jorge Vazquez, Staff Writer

People are fascinated with all things retro.  Retro even has its own social media celebration now on February 27.  Sports teams have had throwback nights with different jerseys, music and price of goods.

The Greeley West girls basketball team made their own throwback game for their match-up against Fossil Ridge on February 11.  The pulled out old jerseys and music.  It’s always fun to switch up things a little in events, make it different or more exciting. Senior, Kendra Roth spoke out about this. “ When we went to our away game, we noticed one of the teams did this so we wanted to bring out ours,” Roth said.

The uniforms are most likely from the early 2000s. They could be older. “It was to change what we usually do, and open up our minds to get closer as a team,” Roth said. 

Doing this helped the team get closer and have fun. The team was really excited about this, especially since this was the first time this has been done. “ We were all very excited and seniors got to pick which ones,” Roth said. 

These uniforms were already used and some numbers were already peeling off. “I would recommend this not just for basketball, but for other sports as well to make the team bond as well,” Roth said.