Missed connection: Weights class impacted by wifi shutoff

Evan DeMeyer, Staff Writer

Recently at Greeley West High School, students have been in outrage because of a new plan that was put into effect this week. The school’s public wifi was turned off so that the students would stop streaming Netflix and using Instagram.

Students have been upset about not being able to use their favorite social media, but there is also another reason students have been upset about wifi being unavailable.  Junior Chance Clemons found an unusual problem with the wifi. “It’s hard to use google classroom or receive emails from teachers because we can’t get a connection on our phones,” Clemons said.  

Classrooms like weight lifting find this problem as well when they run through an application called PLAT4M. This is an app that gives students weekly workouts and helps them progress through each class. Clemons is in the zero hour advanced weight lifting class and dislikes that he can not keep up. “I’m always waiting on my phone, so it’s hard to get the lifting done that I need,” Clemons said. 

The wifi being turned off has not only created problems inside the classes, but outside them as well. Clemons  attempted to set up a meeting with a counselor but ran into some issues. “I tried to email him multiple times but we could never establish his time so I had to find a different way to schedule the meeting,” Clemons said.   

Students will continue to have to find ways around this problem but if they did not abuse the privilege of wifi while they had it, it most likely would have never left. The students have been put under something they caused and will hopefully learn their lesson. The principals and staff at Greeley West are loving this change as it has gotten students off their phones and more engaged in class.