Testing tests: AP program tests its new online program during the worldwide emergency.



Nathaniel Rudolph, Staff Writer

Every year, College Board gives students the chance to pass the AP test and gain college credit and prestige for their future university. These tests can be crucial to the success of high achieving students, and because of COVID-19, the test was in danger.  However, AP decided not to take away this opportunity for students.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, schools were forced to migrate online. Without a place to host the AP test, College Board decided to bring the AP tests to the students. Onf March 21, the AP program announced its plan to give the online tests within the homes of the students, still allowing them to participate in attaining college credit. That plan has been fleshed out more in the past weeks and tried to confront many concerns from teachers, parents, and students.

AP Coordinator Zachary Armstrong explained his concerns for the plan. “ The first concern is making sure everyone that wants to take the test is able to attain some form of device and materials to take the test,” Armstrong said. “Also, cheating is a concern but I hope that the AP students have integrity when taking the test.”

A certain class that might be a concern is Spanish. AP students taking the Spanish test are required to record themselves speaking phrases and terms leading to upload issues and devices capable of recording.

Between May 11 and May 22, each test will be given. Each subject will be given on the same day worldwide and makeup days will be given from June 1 to the 5.

Each test will be approximately 45 minutes long with a very different format from the original. The test will be open note.  Most tests will have one to two free-response questions with timing different on each question. Due to this shortening of time and questions, the test will be much more difficult than before, due to the underlying concern of cheating. You will need to upload any work and responses to the program, including answers, work, photos, and evidence. You will be given an extra 5 minutes to upload these items.

As AP plays around with this program they will provide more information to better the students’ understanding of the test. If you are unable to access a computer or any device, please contact a teacher or contact the AP program directly. They want to make sure everyone gets the chance to take the test so they can make the best out of their future.

Also, if you are struggling with a topic then AP offers hundreds of online courses to help you prepare for the test, (note that some topics will not be covered on the test) just join the growing family of AP students taking these classes and bettering themselves and scores. Not only is this test going to be harder ,but principal Mr. Jeff Cranson believes it’s a new experience for kids.

“I don’t believe this way of testing is better, it is just different. I hope that this process mirrors experiences that students will face at the college level with respect to the exam process,” Cranson said. “Students will gain the experience of taking high stakes, rigorous exams to prepare for the rigor of college course final exams.”

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