Spartans take care of siblings, studies at same time

Esperanza Garcia, Staff Writer

Many students at Greeley West have had to step up and help their parents out in this tough economic time caused by the coronavirus. With parents at work and schools closed, younger siblings need attention.  Some of these students balancing school and home duties Include Genesis Acuna and Kyla Brown who are both freshmen and Destiny Hurst who is a senior. 

The amount of siblings the students have to watch vary. Acuna and Hurst watch one sibling, and Brown watches two. Acuna said, “ I watch my little brother everyday for about six hours until my mother gets home.” 

A lot of the students watch their siblings to help their parents out. Most parents still have to work to provide for their families. Sometimes parents have to go out and get necessities. Hurst said, “I usually watch my sister for a few hours, while our parents are out getting necessities.”

Although the students are helping their parents out with their siblings, it could affect their school work to a point. “Sometimes I get distracted by my little brother because at times he gets bored or gets hungry and comes and bugs me,”Acuna said.

. Hurst agreed saying, “Yes, I get distracted a lot because I have to keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble or hurt herself.” 

Since some of the students have to watch their siblings daily as they balance their school work with watching their siblings. Acuna said, “ Well I usually just do my school in the living room and have my little brother watch TV. I do it this way so I can easily do my school work and make sure my brother is doing good.”

Brown said, “ I can multitask, so honestly it’s not that hard to watch my siblings and do my school work at the same time.”