Seniors developing contingency plans for next fall if campuses stay closed

Esperanza Garcia, Staff Writer

 COVID-19 outbreak has caused many things to shut down. This includes the colleges. So the seniors of Greeley West have to consider many things going into the future. 

Some of these seniors Joshua Briseno, Angel Ramos, and Tristan Elder. All of which are planning to attend college.

Briseno is planning to attend University of Northern Colorado to major in athletic training. Ramos was planning on going to Aims Community College for his general education classes, then he will be moving on to UNC to decide what he will be majoring in. Last but not least Elder is planning on going to Northern Arizona University to major in Accounting. 

If the colleges don’t open back up in the fall three want to find a job and work while they wait for the colleges to open back up. Ramos also wants to take online college classes. Elder replied, “This would be able to let me earn some more money to save towards college and I will also be able to have a break from schooling.”

Let’s not forget online college will be an option. However everyone learns in different ways, it is hard to do online schooling, especially online classes.   

“I wouldn’t be willing to take online classes because I struggle learning over the computer,” explained Briseno.

Elder agreed saying, “I wouldn’t be so interested in taking online classes because I want to have the opportunity to have the full college experience. I want to be able to stay in a dorm, meet new friends, explore being in a different state, as well as find new interests.”

In comparison Ramos says, “I am willing to take my classes online because I will be getting the education that I need to use to be able to move forward through college.” 

No matter what the seniors of Greeley West decide, they all have bright futures ahead of them. “God has a path for all of us and he feels that this is the path we should follow, in his hands and it will inevitably come true,” Elder explained.