Dedicated Spartan will attend CSU in fall for free after scholarship awards

Esperanza Garcia, Staff Writer

Itzel Gonzalez Rios is a very hard working and dedicated Spartan. Rios played soccer for three years and did track for one year. No matter if Rios is in the classroom or on the field she knows how to bring light to everyone around her.

“ The most important thing I learned this year was the importance of having positive people around you. High school is full of surprises and the only way you can get through it is by surrounding yourself by people who have goals and will push you to do your best,” Rios said.

Rios had many memories from her four years at West!.“ My favorite memory from high school was being in AVID. Everyday felt like summer when I was with my AVID class. They have and always be a family to me,” Rios explained. 

As the COVID-19 got worse in the Greeley area, it caused many people to put their lives on pause. Students all over the world had to adapt to virtual learning. Rios expressed how hurt she was finishing her last months of senior year online, saying, “Ending my high school year online was one of the toughest challenges I had to do. This was supposed to be our year, the class of 2020 was all waiting for May. Now that it’s here we didn’t get to end it the way we wanted it to. I am very proud that we all pushed through this and became the class that will go down in history. 

Rios was accepted into Colorado State University. With all the hard work she put into her four years of high school, she managed to receive over 85,600 dollars in scholarship money. She plans to major in psychology in hopes of getting a job in forensic psychology.

Although this is not how anyone would have wanted to end their senior year, Rios looks on the bright side. Thinking about her future, Rios says, “ The best thing that happened to me this year was getting accepted into Colorado State University. As a first generation college student I had many doubts about going to college. Eventually I broke the barrier because I am the first in my family to attend one of the best colleges.”

With the good and the bad from senior year, Rios gives some kind advice for future students. “The advice I have is you need to always keep striving. If you have a goal, reach it. Don’t ever give up, because although it may seem impossible, it never is. Don’t just dream about it without taking action. Anyone is possible with hard work and dedication,” Rios said.