Senior sets sights on aesthetic clinic after college

Navy Swapp, Staff Writer

Among the many hard working students in Greeley West’s class of 2020 is senior Reina Plate. Many plans are ahead of her as she is prepared to graduate high school, furthering her process to accomplish her goals.

Ultimately, the goal Plate is working to is to open up an aesthetics clinic with her mother. Plate states, “My goal is to open an aesthetics clinic, and administer things like botox and hormone implants as well as facials and other similar treatments.”

This field is something that Plate has been interested in for a long time. She has a passion for the beauty industry and services that bring confidence to it’s clients. “I’m especially interested in aesthetics because I personally have felt the value and confidence that services and treatments can bring a person.”

To achieve this goal and to carry on the same joy that she has felt to other clients, Plate’s plans for next year include attending the University of Northern Colorado. She plans to study either business or nursing to help reach her ultimate goal of opening her own clinic.

Plate chose UNC not only for the comfort of staying home for schooling, but for what it offers. “I know that UNC offers a great education experience, rigorous courses and affordability. I’m eager for my future but I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and move away from home to be on my own right away.”

As far as high school goes, it is a really bittersweet feeling for Plate as she heads onto this next chapter of her life. The opportunities, memories, and the people that high school brought to her is something that she is really going to miss as she graduates this spring.

Although at times sad, Plate feels an overwhelming amount of excitement as she has her plans set and knows how she wants to go about the next few years. “I’m looking forward to seeing my future, attaining my goals, and making myself and my family proud,” Plate said.