Softball team bounces back in victory over Greeley Central


Brookelynn Hernandez

Bri Zamora goes up to bat while Aryssa Aragon is on deck.

Brookelynn Hernandez, Staff Writer

During the first full week back to school amid the pandemic, the Greeley West softball team pushed through and played its hearts out, defeating cross-town rival Greeley Central, 14-11. The Spartans also played Greeley Central in the first week of the season, but lost for the first time in years. Two weeks later – on Tuesday August 25 – the girls redeemed themselves. 

During the win, there was also a lightning delay of 45 minutes.  The team kept up the intensity and laughed under the dugout, listening to all the ballfield game day classics. 

Reflecting on the two games versus Greeley Central, senior Bri Zamora said, “The first one we were really nervous. All of us felt like we weren’t comfortable…(with our) rivals so us girls felt the pressure. (But) the second game we got a feel of thing (so) we played with more confidence and that’s how we got ahead.

The team has been practicing under many guidelines enforced by CHSAA, governor Jarod Polis, and the CDC. Wearing masks, the girls get temperature checks upon arrival with a “COVID checklist” prompted by first-year coach Haley Hansen.

Junior, Helena Rangel said, “I feel that games have changed in many ways since the coronavirus. I’ve always been used to high-fiving my friends after a game and not worrying about someone getting sick. But now we have to take so many precautions to keep everyone safe. After a while you get used to everything and it becomes a routine.”