How has the six feet distanced you? 

Tani Schuttler

Keeping a distance from those you love can be challenging, and this year especially since we are further apart than we’re all generally accustomed too. Taking a deep dive into the effects of Covid-19 on families and friends since the beginning of the pandemic, students and staff had many thoughts. 

Greeley West Junior Curtis Gutierrez explained how he believes that “In some ways, it hasn’t changed a thing. We still sit with people, just a little farther (apart), and we have to speak a little louder to communicate.”

Being away and changing your interactions with people can put an emotional damper on how individuals communicate, regardless of how many things stay the same. “We.’re emotionally more distanced from people too, though,” Gutierrez said. “Being forced to be away from others physically might subconsciously affect how I interact with people when I am standing six feet away.” 

There is no doubt that through this pandemic, communication has been altered, whether that be being away from family to keep them safe, joining an online class instead of an in-person one, or even just cutting down on how often you go out to eat to prevent the spread. We can talk but is it the same?

Greeley West social studies teacher Mr. Donald Wagner disagrees with Gutierrez’s assessment.  He thinks, “Like most people, staying 6-7 feet apart makes interaction seem much less personal and more formal, which can be a little intimidating for people.”

But similarly to Gutierrez, Wagner also thinks there’s another side to that coin. For every negative, there is also a positive. Wagner playfully added, Of course there are advantages as well.  It’s been a benefit keeping my distance from Mr. Paulson seeing how his hygiene habits could use a little work.” 

Although, as you’ve heard many times, things have changed, things have also stayed the same. There is always a little fun to have and shared through anything. Amazingly that can be found within students throughout Greeley West High School and the community.