Simple diet change can help fight climate change


Photo courtesy of and Markus Spiske

Climate change is real – but you don’t have to protest or radically change your lifestyle. Changing your diet can make a huge difference.

Brendan McCune, Editorialist

Climate change may have been politicized, yet it is nonetheless scientifically proven and poses a clear threat to the natural world, and there has never been a more important time to do something. 

According to Scientific American, climate change will cross a dangerous threshold by 2036. This means the next generation will begin seeing drastic effects of current mistakes being made. With this issue on the rise, many people are wondering how they can make a difference with an issue that is on such a global scale. 

When looking at the causes of climate change, almost one fifth of human greenhouse emissions comes from animal agriculture, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. Therefore, the most effective way to combat climate change is through a change in diet. 

The vegan diet, which involves eating plant-based foods and avoiding animal products, is the most effective way for an individual to reduce greenhouse gasses, yet it is often perceived as a hassle. However, with a growing population of vegans, restaurants and food manufacturers have developed vegan friendly products to accommodate for the new market, meaning it is easier than ever to make the switch. 

Furthermore, avoiding animal products has countless other benefits. For example, it addresses the growing issue of food shortages. Considering the dwindling supply of farm land, research shows that a plant based diet uses this land significantly more efficiently than a meat based diet. This diet can also have important health benefits helping hormones, organs, and overall nutrition. Plus, it helps decrease animal cruelty, helps the wild bee population, and conserves clean water. 

Despite its innumerable benefits, the vegan diet may not be suitable or possible for many people. However, employing less extreme versions of the diet such as being vegetarian (not eating meat), pescetarian (not eating meat other than fish), or flexitarian (avoiding animal products when possible), can have the same effects as the vegan diet, only less extreme. 

Climate change is a pressing issue and is soon going to have inevitable and disastrous effects on the world if people do not take action. These simple diet changes may seem inconvenient, but their effects are significant. If you care about climate change, going vegan is the most effective way to take action.