Spartans enjoy fall weather around campus


Zachary Headley

Social studies teacher Mr. Ky Dietz holds a mock trial outside on Tuesday, soaking up the sun.

Zachary Headley, Staff Writer

As the quarter begins to wind down and the cooler weather arrives, many Spartan staff are taking advantage of the last bits of warm weather. Today, outside the newest portable classroom on the south side of the building, social studies teacher Mr. Ky Dietz held government class.

“We are working on a mock trial,” Dietz said. “It’s a really engaging way for kids to learn. They get to play all these roles and make connections to our class. Plus, it’s a beautiful day, so I’m taking advantage of it.”

Dietz is not the only teacher taking advantage of the outdoors this fall. Most teachers, when giving students their designated “mask break” time choose to go outside. IB coordinator Mrs. Marie Beach allows her homeroom class to be outside every day.

“Sometimes we go on a walk, and more recently we’ve been playing with a frisbee, being careful to sanitize our hands before and after we share that equipment,” Beach explained.

Among all the latest stressors and difficulties, the Spartan family is still finding unique ways to make the best of the current situation.