Future snow days will just be remote learning days for District 6 students

Debanhy Cerrillo Proano, Staff Writer

For generations, students have looked forward to snow days.  What could be better than a day off of school where the biggest challenge is to find something to do?

As Colorado moves into the winter season, District 6 has decided to change its snow day policy. As stated in an official District 6 email sent to all students, parents, and staff members,  “For the remainder of this school year, we will not halt learning because of bad weather and will instead switch to remote learning when the weather conditions create a safety issue for travel.”

Basically, that means no more snow days. What has led to this decision?  One consideration is student hours.  District 6 is worried about class instruction time because so many students are missing in various cohorts because of quarantines.  Also, because of remote learning and the safety precautions put into place because of COVID 19, all students in the district have been given a laptop or Chromebook to be able to do their studies and homework.  This was in order for students to still get education without having to touch things or pass around things.

Teachers have been using Zoom to keep in contact with their students and to teach students wherever they may be.  This is such a great help in this pandemic for teachers and students to be able to communicate with each other practicing social distancing to keep us safe.  However, it also means that when snow comes, it will be just as easy for teachers to do their job and keep kids off the roads. 

Some students see this change as a positive that will enable them to continue to focus and be productive throughout their day.  “I think it would help people do better since they have more time to stay on track or get caught up,” said Leo Flores.  

Other students think it is overstepping a long tradition of kids of all ages.  “Having no more snow days sucks. No more waking up and surprised with good news thay school was cancelled. No more hoping the night before to have a snow day in the morning. Now we have to wake up to do online learning,” said Nicie Berrelleza.

Teachers empathize with the students – as they once wished for snow days as well.  “I am very disappointed for students by the idea that we may not have any more snow days. While I believe educational opportunities are incredibly important, there is something special as a kid about getting that call first thing in the morning on a snowy day as a student,” science teacher Mr. Ryan Pace said.

“I still remember those days- they were few and far between!- very fondly,” said Pace.

Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson explained that the remote days will pay off in the end for students and staff alike.  “The reason for the decision is we are going to be short on instructional time if we miss any more days of school after we started a week late with COVID and have had an extra vacation day and a snow day already,” Cranson explained.  “So the decision is to either work remotely on snow days or to add days to the end of the school year….because of that, I am fine with no more snow days for this school year.