Quarantined freshman shares experience of being away from West

Demitri Jaramillo, Staff Writer

Over 100 students at Greeley West are currently experiencing quarantine learning, but many students have not yet had the experience.  This has students asking the question: How are students spending their quarantine time? Freshman David Lopez, revealed how he spent his time during quarantine.

 “I really just missed talking to people face to face,” Lopez said.

Lopez also reached out to his classmates and those around him virtually. “I was not(spending time with friends), I wanted to make sure they were healthy and made sure I was not a problem,” Lopez said. 

Lopez was quarantined from October 19 to October 28. During that time, he missed a varsity football game. “I felt really sad that I could not play out there with the men on my football team.”

In such a short 7 game season every game counts. Missing one football game really took a toll on Lopez, but he attended class virtually each day to make sure he was academically eligible when he got back.  “I had spent my days making sure I kept my grades up and my physique so I was ready to play when I got back,” Lopez said. 

“I would workout for an hour and a half after school,” Lopez  said.  He would get done around 1 or 2 o’clock from school. Since all he had was time on his hands, spending time in the books and at the gym were a main focus for Lopez.

Quarantine can be slow, tiring, and exhausting, but the freshman chose to look at the bright sports of it.  He stayed dedicated and focus on the things most important to him so that he could return to normal after quarantine. It also kept Lopez safe from contacting the virus.  “I think quarantine really did help knowing that someone in my class got it. I did not want to be a liability,” Lopez said.