Staff costume contest adds the ‘spirit’ to school spirit

Jaziel Soto, Staff Writer

What a spooky contest this year was.

Faculty staff celebrated another year of Halloween by dressing up in their wacky and funny costumes.  The annual contest has been going on for at least a decade. 

The counseling office and administration office did another group costume this year.  After dressing as Dodgeball characters last year, they took a turn as Space Jam characters this year.  Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson credited these fun costume ideas to assistant principal Ms. Amy Zulauf, who is their costume director. 

Teachers such as Mr. Ky Dietz and Mr. Ryan Walstrom also dressed up this year and have their specific reasons on why they dress up. 

Walstrom said, “I enjoy participating in Halloween festivities whenever I get the chance.”

Both Dietz and Walstrom believed that by dressing up it would raise school spirit. Walstrom believed that dressing up would let the students see the fun side of teachers. Dietz dressed as assistant principal Mr. Aaron Allen. He wore a mask and had a computer all day walking around like Allen would. The funny thing was that Dietz had a bald cap on his head too. 

Walstrom won the contest for the third time in a row dressed as Baby Daddy. He said, “With my wife’s help we come up with these funny ideas but, it all starts with what I could fit in, then the magic happens from there.”

Walstrom continued, “After winning back to back to back years, I now know how MJ felt when he won his three-peat. I’m in the same league as MJ and it feels great.”