Memes make internet a better place

Demitri Jaramillo, Editorialist

Some people would argue, memes go too far sometimes.  But the truth is that memes make the internet far more entertaining. Without memes what would we do? We would just have to watch the news and not be laughing and getting other peoples opinions. 

How do you get your news? You might follow a news outlet on social media, but the truth is that majority of people now get their news from memes. I get my news from memes most of the time from social media outlets like Instagram. Most of the time, these are the first things to break the news to me. Memes are super important to culture of society and the truth is that without them, we would be “living under a rock.” How are you going to find out who wins the football game? Probably memes that make fun of the losing team. 

Memes also help relieve stress of people. How often do people see memes and laugh? These little squares with captions and a picture help people cope with hard times. One of my friends is going through a hard time and he sends memes to a group chat and it makes me feel good because I know he is happy for a that little second and he forgets all the bad things that are happening around him. 

I realize that memes go a little to far sometimes and can have people “heated” so to say. Just this week, hundreds of memes have been generated dealing with the election and both presidential candidates.  Some of these memes can go too far sometimes, but people need to lighten up and see them as the jokes that they are. 

In the end, the good outweighs the bad by a longshot.