As holidays approach, West students apprehensive about Covid impact

Callie Pautler, Staff Writer

It’s nearing the end of the year for 2020. For most people that means different holidays to look forward to such as, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. How will that look though since the world is dealing with a deadly pandemic?

There are many protocols for the state of Colorado that people should follow as family and friends wish to gather in celebration. Being so far in the year and dealing with a pandemic through all of it, people want to get out and see others, so many of these restrictions may be broken. 

Many students and staff travel for holidays; the problem though is they aren’t a hundred percent sure what that will look like for them this year. West senior Michelle SanJaun, shared her feelings about her travel plans. “I’m slightly scared because you never officially know what’s going to happen,” SanJuan said. “You plan for one thing, but there’s the possibility of something else happening.”

Some students are even afraid that they won’t be able to see everyone that they wish to see. “I’m afraid; but I’m hopeful we will. My family understands we need to follow protocol and stay healthy to take care of not only ourselves but others too,” SanJuan added.

Travelling for holidays is always extremely hectic and brings many people to popular areas.  There’s a high possibility that it will be that way this year as well, which could potentially cause a rise in the number of Covid cases. “I think people traveling for the holidays is going to make the numbers tremendously higher, and will make businesses have to close down again,” senior Ashtyn Connell stated.

Returning to school after the break could have some students on edge about their safety. “Personally, I’m skeptical because there are people who don’t take precautions…I’d obviously be sad if I got it, but it would weigh more heavy on me if I were to give those germs to family and have them suffer too,” Connell said. 

In the meantime, students and staff will have to trust that people are doing what they’re supposed to – and that’s difficult to believe when you’re out in public.  “I personally don’t feel comfortable with the idea that people are having gatherings without Covid protocols; I think it’s selfish,” Connell said.  Covid doesn’t pick and choose, it can happen to anyone and for the safety and love we have for our friends and families I think it’s best to stay home and wear masks.”