FFA sets fundraiser goals with Covid protocols in place

Linda Maturino, Staff Writer

The Greeley West FFA  is doing their annual fundraiser selling fruits, beef, and desserts as they work to raise money for contest and convention fees for the school year. 

FFA lost an important event that they host each year, the Farm To Table dinner, last Spring when schools shut down.  In a typical year, the Farm to Table event collects money through ticket sales for the dinner.  It is also a way for FFA members to participate and volunteer to get community service hours.  It’s a huge fundraiser for the organization and helps pay for its expenses.    

This year’s fundraisers will be particularly important to FFA so they can provide opportunities to its members in the near future.  Even virtual events cost the program money.  “(The fundraiser) covers the costs for virtual leadership works, career development events, community service activities, and affiliation fees,” FFA sponsor Mr. Kelly Longacre said. 

Agriculture classes are paid for by District 6 budgeting, but FFA operates separate from that budget and requires money raising.  Affiliation fees are paid by members and comes to a total of $3000 ($10 per FFA member).  The state and national conventions also cost money – even in the virtual world, so members hope to raise even more money through the drive.

This year’s fundraiser is going to be handled differently because of Covid protocols. Everything sold must go through the district’s online system. Products have to be paid for online as students are not allowed to collect cash or checks.  

Students are also being asked to only sell to families and friends so as to not put them at risk of going to strangers’ houses. In years past, students were able to sort their own boxes with their sold items and deliver them to their customers. With Covid protocols in place, the FFA team has changed this format.  Boxes will already be put in place with items in them. Students will be responsible for picking up their box and delivering to the designated person. 

The West FFA appreciates the community’s support and thanks them benefitting their chapter.