It’s important for students to get as much in-person learning as possible 

Jasiah Lujan, Editorialist

Students should still be able to get the learning experience that they are used to having without the restrictions currently in place.  That means we should be attending school in-person every week. Being in the classroom is what students had before this pandemic and they should still be able to do that. 

Getting this experience of being in the same classroom as your teacher everyday is the kind of learning that students are used to. It is also easier for the teacher to present and teach their lessons.  This is still the best way of learning for students, so long as the schools make sure they sanitize and keep the schools clean. 

It’s true, there are plenty of  people that are scared about their safety at school with this pandemic. If that’s the case, they have the right to be able to stay at home if they want to and learn online.  But it should be a choice one way or the other:  stay home or attend school. The hybrid model is not working.

My proposal to this issue would be to have the school open for at least four days a week for all students who choose to attend school in-person. Then, have no school on Wednesdays, which would be the day that the school takes to clean and sanitize.