People should give Bad Bunny, Reggaeton music a chance

Edgar Urquidi, Editorialist

Who is the best song artist or what’s the best genre of music?  This is a question that many people can argue back and forth on and have many different opinions. If they were to ask me what I think is the best genre of music, I would 100% say Reggaeton. 

If you were to ask Siri to play you the number one song in the world right now, believe it or not she would play a Reggaeton song which would be “Dakiti” by Bad Bunny and Jhay Cortez. Bad Bunny is one if not the best artist right now.

Who hasn’t heard of Bad Bunny? You’ve either heard about him because of his phenomenal music, because of him wearing skirts, or because of all he does outside of his music life. He also made a Corona commercial with the one and only Snoop Dogg. I know some people that think that’s pathetic, but in my opinion I think that’s one of the coolest commercials I’ve seen. I don’t know anyone else that’s drinking a Corona right now with Snoop Dog on a beach during a world pandemic!

But there are many more artists than Bad Bunny in the Reggaeton industry that are making a name for themselves. Starting with J Balvin, who has a huge collaboration with McDonald’s having his own meal. He has also made the charts with a lot of his songs. 

All these big names are bringing a lot of new fans into the Reggaeton fandom. Reggaeton music is filled with a bunch of good vibes and a bunch of dancing vibes. There are a lot more reasons why I believe Reggaeton to be the best genre of music.