West junior cuts hair to make money, see friends during pandemic

Jaziel Soto, Staff Writer

Students at Greeley West have found ways  to pass time and still have fun during the last nine months of the  pandemic, social distancing, remote learning. 

Junior Johnny Soke has discovered a talent for cutting hair. From cutting your hair with the clippers, to cutting with scissors and trimmers, Soke can do it all. 

Soke chose to start cutting hair because of being able to make some money during this pandemic. He first started cutting hair 5-6 months ago.  Soke started to practice on one of his friends and it just grew from there. “It’s hard to get a job during these times,” Soke said. “Cutting hair would help make me some money and I can work from home which gives me the chance to do my school work as well.”

Soke was disappointed with how school has been going this year as he was separated from his friends becuase of the cohorting. He said, “Cutting hair was kinda the only way I could see my friends.”

Since there is still a pandemic around, he takes extra precautions when it comes to sanitation. He makes his clients wear a mask and when he cuts hair he uses gloves. Soke claimed, “ Even if I barely get to see my friends or cut hair, whenever I get the chance I take advantage of it because cutting hair really means a lot to me especially during this pandemic.”