West musician finds fun, fan base through rapping

Cesar Villanueva, Staff Writer

During quarantine students at Greeley West have been bored at home. They have been finding hobbies that they really enjoy doing. One student named Roy Garcia has been making music while still attending school. His stage name is RGP ROY.

Garcia has over 150 subscribers On YouTube and also releases his music on Sound Cloud.

There are still struggles to make music at an early age though. He does not have the typical studio an artist has. He records his music on his laptop and microphone.  “I use a program called Bandlab on my laptop and my Blue Yeti microphone,” said Garcia

There are many ups and downs to creating music. “My favorite part is knowing I have a fan base that listens to my music and that they get excited when you drop a new song,” said Garcia.

Garcia’s least favorite thing about making music is the struggle to come up with a new song or lyrics. “The frustration of coming up with lyrics or when a song doesn’t come out how I wanted it to and have to redo a verse, (is tough)” said Garcia.

Even though Garcia has been doing this for fun, he has found some success. As a result, he still is planning to release music on the side and still be a full time student.