People can’t seem to figure out masks

Callie Pautler, Editorialist

People all over the world need to learn that wearing a mask in public is important – covering your nose with the mask is important. In most places around the US they require masks in order to get in, the problem with that is you’ll see individuals who take off their mask after they get inside, or they cover their mouth but not their nose which loses the whole purpose of wearing a mask.

Since Covid-19 is mostly a respiratory infection, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommended wearing masks for everybody when they go out in public. There are also other protocols put in such as keeping a six feet distance from people though that seems to be a little bit more difficult to follow seeing as being in a crowded place could make that difficult. With all these rules and protocols taking place in the US and the world has seemed to help reduce the amount of cases. It’s not much that a person would have to do, but there are people out there who think the rules don’t apply to them.

It is understanding that the masks could be a problem for most, for example for those who wear glasses, their glasses fog up and cause problems which could be irritating. The hot air trapped in the mask is a problem for most as well, but it is only a small sacrifice to make in order to keep people safe and healthy. 

So far the only way to fix the problem of non-mask wearers is to be more strict on them and give them no other choice but to wear a mask or leave the public area they are in immediately. Following Covid rules is the most effective way to stay safe in public.