Learning in 2020: Student creates after-school study group to maintain grades

Letia Juarez, Staff Writer

During these trying times of the Coronavirus, school has changed in many ways and trying to learn through a screen has definitely been difficult.  However,  AVID senior Lluvia Lopez has been trying to defeat the odds by taking matters into her own hands. 

Every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m, Lopez hosts a study session through Zoom where she invites anyone to join to either study, get help, or simply have conversations. The group session really has no limits on what subjects of school and outside of school can be discussed and no limits on who can join. 

 Lopez chose to begin these study sessions because she believed collaboration could help students maintain their grades.  “I heard a student in my AVID class say that they focus better on their work when they’re just with other students,” Lopez said. 

Thus she set out to create these study sessions that have helped herself and others. Lopez feels like her study sessions have been successful even on the days where only a couple of people show up. Lopez said she has been told by her peers that the study sessions have been extremely helpful for them to be able to get their work done and have the help. 

Lopez said that not only does she hope that her study group helps her peers overcome their academic challenges, but she also hopes it motivates other students to want to help those around them too, rather it’s through school work or having conversations in general.