Being senior in 2020 is nothing like ‘High School Musical’ made it out to be

Demitri Jaramillo, Staff Writer

With the two week average positivity rate above 16 percent in Weld County, District 6 decided to go to online learning yet again. They tried as much as they could to keep everything as normal as they possibly could have, but the time has come for students and staff to move online. How are upperclassmen spending their final year here at West?

Madison Ewing is a senior who has been excited about this final year since being a child.  As a kid, she always looked up to the movie High School Musical. She was looking forward to her senior year being a Hollywood ending, just like seniors in the show experienced.  When Covid-19 hit, she realized her senior year was not going to be anything like  High School Musical. “As a senior, this year has been very disappointing, and I think that I can speak for all seniors,” she explained. “I wish we could have a normal senior year.” 

In High School Musical, all of the seniors were so connected and collaborative, which is the opposite of the online learning experience.  “it is hard having no human interaction with your classmates, and I often find myself struggling to stay motivated at home,” said Ewing.

Remote learning can be a hard task for students to stay on track, but that has not stopped the senior from doing other fun things. “My time spent at home has been boring, so I have been going to Hobby Lobby to find crafts to keep me occupied,” Ewing said.

When she is not buying crafts and paints, she is looking forward to her bright future ahead of her. “I have been applying for colleges and trying to apply for scholarships. I have also been looking into different majors to see what I want to pursue,” Ewing said.

Right now, her plans next year are to either go to CSU or UNC. Covid could impact that decision as well.  

Ewing’s senior year was not everything she imagined it to be, but she wanted future seniors know one thing:  “High School flies by and you’ll start to miss it before it’s even over, so value every single moment,” Ewing said.