Basketball season still a go, but expect flexibility come January

Jaziel Soto, Staff Writer

With the abrupt ending to football season, students are starting to wonder if basketball season will be a go after winter break.  According to Mr. Ryan Hilbig there will be a basketball season despite all these challenges that could get in the way.

But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be changes in how basketball season plays out.  “There will be some changes of course. The bench would be spread out more just like the NBA Bubble, teams will have to wear masks while playing,” Hilbig said. “CHSAA has talked about mask break timeouts.”

Hilbig also explained that there could be a shortage of referees, depending upon participation rates.  This problem is two-fold – some refs don’t want to wear masks while they officiate while others are worried about their health.  

“ As of right now I haven’t heard any discussions about the season being pushed back or not, but CHSSA will announce what is approved or not by the Governor in early December.” Hilbig said.

Because of having less practice,  Hilbig believes the quality of offense will suffer. He said  high school teams will have lower shooting percentages. “Teams that are more conditioned with good defenses will be pretty successful,” Hilbig explained.

Senior guard Colton Gillingham, believes that this upcoming year will test everyone’s flexibility and who can adapt the fastest and most effectively. “Preparing for this season has been a lot different than it ever has been before. We don’t have the same amount of access to things like gyms and weight rooms so I had to take a different approach and did as much as I could at home,” Gillingham said.