It’s time for class that focuses on mental health, well being

Linda Maturino, Editorialist

Mental health is very important. If you are not doing so great, it will affect everything you do. Many people are struggling with their mental health without people noticing and without getting help. 

Just like others believe that P.E should be a core class, I believe that there should be a class where kids can get help with their mental health. Stress levels are elevating since some kids have a really hard time concentrating at home. There are some people who need that extra time with a teacher or that extra help in order for them to correctly understand the task or lesson being taught.

Mental health impacts your everyday activities even if you don’t notice it. If you are having a bad bad and your mental health is not at its best, you will notice the lack of motivation and desire to do things. Lack of motivation will make it difficult for you to concentrate and actually try doing your tasks, classes can be a different level of difficulty for everyone, some might find a class easier than others. This can create stress for the person who is having difficulties trying to make sense of what he is learning. We all get stressed whether it is classes, work, extracurricular activities and sometimes all of the above. 

There are some people who might find the idea of having a class specifically to focus on mental health funny or useless. Critics might say counselors are there to help with this kind of things. Some people just like to ignore the fact that there is something wrong emotionally. Everybody deals with their problems in different ways. 

Having a class where kids and teachers have time to focus on their thoughts and feelings, where they can express freely without sharing out what they feel to others would help Greeley West. Sometimes we just need to say our feelings without really saying anything, whether it is writing, drawing, etc. During this class kids would be able to focus on themselves only. No judgement and no one will be forced to share what they are going through. Yes this idea is big, but maybe we can start with something simple. We could start small by having homeroom time where kids do an activity whether it is mediation or something else to help them relax a little. 

Mental health should not be taken as a joke and everyone should have the opportunity to express how they are feeling, and that does not mean share it out to people but to pour all your emotions to an activity that can help you recover. As silly as it sounds everybody has to check up on their mental health to become better in their life, relationships, and education.